Gain easy
to a sea of crypto data.

Build your own automation and analytics apps with all the data you need through standard development tools like Rest API /gRPC /JDBC.

Powered API

Rest API & Webhooks && GRPC methods.

Query historical data not present in your database,parse blockchain data, and display it within your apps with Cryptomation’s API.

# grpcurl -plaintext \ -d '{"network":"eth", "address": "0x"}' \ UniversalCryptoApi/getTransactions { "hash":"0x...", "from":"0x..", "to":"0x...", "value":"0x...", .... }

GRPC methods

Eliminate the chance of errors in your code with strongly typed APIs on proto


# http GET '...api/wallet/0x.../balance' { "status":"1", "message":"OK", "result":"361602993549000" }

Rest API

Get crypto data from Universal API (near, eth,polygon, matic and e.t.c.) to your web3 app by 1 http request.


SQL data lake

Perform data analysis by accessing blockchain data and parsing it to your database. Reporting and visualization on any BI have never been easier


Helper API
for you application

Gas station API

Gas station api predict gas price for any network, use it for fast transaction.


Scan similar api

Scan similar api - we have kept the **polygon/eth/btc***scan contract so that you can try our service with minimal effort.


Cryptocurrency API

Get actual price for any coin/token by simply api.


Lightweight SDK for fast creating Dapps

Bring web3 to any platform simply by installing a small SDK. Authenticate user, perform transactions via metamask through our api.

Automation without code

Build flow without code.
Create events/alert on modification blockchain network
(changed balance, send transaction from wallet and e.t.c)
and send it information to you server with any conditions without code.


Deploy fast blockchain node in 5 minutes: getting reliableaccess to theEthereum/Polygon/Binanceand IPFS networks so you can focus on building and scaling web3 software.


The best choice for developers, hobbyists & web-scale blockchain apps.


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Use cases

Get account information

Get balance,transactions by any adrerss and any network by 1 http request

More details

Crypto events to webhook

Send information about you addresses to any webhook

More details

Get blockchain info by GRPC

Get any information about blockchain state by gRPC methods.

More details

Analyse blockchain

You could connect to us by JDBC drivers and analysin blockhain data.

More details

Calculate gaz (ethereum, polygon)

Use out api for prediction gas price to you transactions.

More details

Move project from polygonscan

If you use polygonscan api, you could move to our servers without downtime.

More details

Move project from etherscan

Your are using Etherscan, but you want to obtain a more feature-rich API.

More details

Move project from bscscan

Using BscScan can be very expensive and have limits, whereas our API has no limits and is more cost-effective.

More details