Too many networks and too long a development time with a large staff for integrating web3 solutions into web2 businesses. We provide access to a standardized access point for all data and sprinkle a little no-code on top to implement any business logic (the ability to collect crypto payments for example).

So, to summarize, your solution aims to address the challenge of integrating web3 solutions into web2 businesses by providing a standardized access point to all data and incorporating no-code technology to easily implement various business logic, including the ability to process crypto payments.

With our API, you can create new non-custodial wallets, view balances of any wallets, and view transactions of any wallets through the API. With this simple API, you can integrate the ability to create crypto processing for any crypto protocols into your business processes and eliminate the need for integration with popular crypto systems.

We support HTTP API and GRPC. You can find full information on our contracts in the documentation section

We support the following networks:etherium,polygon,near,binance smart chain,tron and this list is constantly being expanded

Certainly, you can. Please write a request to [email protected]and we will add it as a feature request