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šŸ—“ Mar 11, 2023 | šŸ•‘ 1 min

What are the Problems with Reading Transactions on the Near Network?

If you need to read all transactions in your wallet, you may encounter several problems, such as:

  • Needing historical transaction data
  • Needing to quickly investigate all transactions in your wallet
  • Not wanting to write JS code
  • Not wanting to use a public PostgreSQL database or build an indexer

What We Offer

We provide a universal API for retrieving all transactions by any address.

Note: For a full API description, please refer to our documentation: Universal API.

Example: Reading Transactions on a Specific Wallet


More info?

Much more info about our API method you could found on our docs!

Ready to get started?

Our api help your project gain easy access to a sea of crypto data.

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